In pursuit of beauty

Artistic vision, meticulous design and expert craftsmanship. Embracing the perfection of imperfection, Studio Bel Vetro creates custom blown glass and metal lighting infused with humanity. Nothing contrived. Everything handcrafted with refinement and passion for achieving seemingly unattainable beauty with glass.

Founded 15 years ago by designer Lisa Spinella and Artist Paulo DeLima, the studio’s name means “beautiful glass”. This ideal continues to inspire new ideas and techniques for maximizing the individual beauty of a particular space. With a disciplined mastery of the craft, Paulo bends glass to his will, bringing Lisa’s original ideas to life. Each piece is bespoke from concept to completion, and made in their 8,000 sq. ft. studio in the heart of California’s Sonoma wine country.

Because customization is an integral part of the unconventional and intuitive and process that sets Studio Bel Vetro apart, Lisa and Paulo work closely with designers and architects worldwide to offer lighting creations that can be uniquely configured for the space they will inhabit. Piece by piece, the final arrangement is intricately constructed and intuitively placed, to engage the eye and capture the imagination.