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Inspired by form and artfully expressed with texture. These glass elements incorporate several modern Venetian techniques in both the hot glass process and the cold glass process. Using 2 or more colors in each canoe, each distinct color offers a canvas for multiple textures to be carved onto the surface. This methodical process of hand carving the glass brings a tactile element, and a play of light as it catches the undulating and textured satin surface.


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Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes

  • CC-48 Chandelier

    Custom configurations available

    • W: 52"
    • D: 8"
    • H: 10"
    • OVERALL H: Field adjustable- provide range
    • CANOPY W: 48"
    • CANOPY D: 8"
    • CANOPY H: 3"
    • STANDARD GLASS COLORS:Amber Combo, Blue Combo, Neutral Combo
    • GLASS COLOR OPTIONS:Custom colors available.
    • METAL FINISH OPTIONS:Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless, Brushed Brass, Antique Brass, Dark Bronze
    • ILLUMINATION:6 x LED MR16, GU10 base, 110v, 7.5w, 2700K, recessed in canopy.